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Evergreen Courtyard

Asian American Sr. Living Community




We saw firsthand the isolation and boredom of our elderly friends when they moved into Assisted Living Facilities. An unfamiliar environment with people that do not speak their language, without awareness of their culture and habits. An environment with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and food. The daily activities were also unfamiliar. We saw our friends isolated from other residents and not understood by the staff.


The choices were isolation and boredom or living more than 15 hours international air travel from their kids and grandkids.


These issues motivated us to build Evergreen Courtyard (EC) to serve the underserved Chinese elderly and mixed couples community.


EC welcomes all people independent of their race, color, and sexual orientation. We will be a diverse and inclusive bilingual Senior Assisted Living Facility. We embrace diversity, respect differences, and promote empathy. We believe our residents should have a safe environment where they can explore and engage in new experiences.


EC will provided:


a. American and Chinese cuisine,

b. Multicultural activities (for example, Mahjong, common card games, arts and crafts, etc.) 

c. Celebrate main cultural events and dates (For example, New Year, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Moon Cake Festival, etc.)

d. Regular physical activities and Tai Chi.

e. Video connectivity to Family and friends.

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